Nick Da Silva

I train all of my clients with the goal in mind to enhance physical capacity through exercise. No matter what level of physical state your in we all need to move often and move well. This goes for everyone!

So how do you know if you are moving or exercising correctly? Well you could go to the gym and try and see what everyone else is doing or research stuff online as well as join a group class or martial arts. However if you want to know what your specific strengths and weakness are as far as your movement patterns and posture are concerned then Biokinetics is something that can really enhance your life. Learning how to move properly and exercise effectively & efficiently to become faster, stronger, healthier with more confident can be an amazingly empowering experience. At my practice I offer a goal oriented approach to getting people out of pain, overcoming injuries and maximising performance through evidence based exercises and 10 years experience.

So if your looking to get out of pain, loss weight, sharpen your performance skills or learn something new about training then book a visit at my practice.

Session rates are charge at medical aid rates

Biokinetics - Nick Da Silva